butty.net butty .net Concept Names domain name for sale at Sedo


The original fast food formula: bread x 2 ÷ filling = butty! Do you have the appetite for a short, one word domain? Look no further than this mouth-watering name. Butty, as an alternative word for a sandwich, originated in the north of England in the 1800s. Butty is also used in Wales to refer […]

house4rent.net house 4 for rent Concept Names domain name for sale at Sedo


Whether you have a single rental property or a portfolio, this domain name has screen appeal. Easy to recall, easy to type, easy to search. Reach out and engage with potential tenants looking to find a house for rent. This brandable domain name could work effectively across retail premises, printed listings and rental signs, all feeding […]

eastenders.net eastenders Concept Names domain name for sale at Sedo


Feast your mince pies on this great domain name! Google search results: 10+ million. Google AdWords: The “eastenders” keyword receives searches in the range of 1 – 10 million per month. First Registered: 1998 Make an offer and eastenders.net could be yours. Available now with fast, safe and efficient Sedo transfer included. Find out more:

911turbo.net Porsche 911 Turbo Concept Names domain name for sale at Sedo


The Porsche 911 Turbo; an ever-evolving motoring icon. If you offer sales, servicing or tuning for these performance cars, this memorable domain name will resonate with your target market. An astute investment to attract and funnel customers to your business and increase revenue potential. Own a Porsche 911 Turbo? Have yourname@911turbo.net as your email address. First registered […]

malmaison.net malmaison .net Concept Names domain name for sale at Sedo


This domain name recalls Château de Malmaison, former residence of Emperor Napoléon Bonaparte and Empress Joséphine. Malmaison is a French derived place name which loosely translates to “Bad House”.Google AdWords reports that the “malmaison” keyword receives searches in the range of 10K to 100K per month.This domain name is available now at Sedo; safe and secure […]

go24.net GO 24 GO24 .net Concept Names domain name for sale at Sedo


Short GO domain name for anyone looking to create or extend an online presence. Concise and memorable; perfect for a neat and minimalist eye-catching brand. Sorry, domain name is now sold.

aerotel.net Aerotel aero tel .net Concept Names domain name for sale at Sedo


AERO meaning air and TEL, a shortening of tele, meaning end or distance; relating to telecoms, telephoto and television. Further scope exists for OTEL as a shortened alternative to HOTEL or MOTEL, as part of a sophisticated portmanteau brand name. This dynamic domain name is available to own now with safe, secure, Sedo transfer. Find out […]

v8r.net V8R V8 R .net Concept Names domain name for sale at Sedo


Short domain name with strong appeal for V8 Roadster owners, retailers or performance tuning specialists looking to create or extend an online presence. There is broader scope for targeting alternative sectors. Talented marketing creatives may make use of the Virtual Reality acronym intersected by the ‘lucky’ number 8. Further potential exists for those who are looking for […]

searchlocal.net searchlocal Search Local .net Concept Names domain name for sale at Sedo


Whatever you need. Whenever you need it. Wherever you are. A domain to front a globally available, local search directory. If you have the data and technical ability you could soon be serving up business products, services, events and venue details. Provide visitors to SearchLocal.net with mapped results anywhere in the world, based on their […]

poker365.net poker365 Poker 365 .net Concept Names domain name for sale at Sedo


Attract international poker players with poker365.net. Contains a top-drawer search keyword for the lucrative online casino sector. Give your marketing team a head start; a domain name that clearly defines what you are offering and when it’s available.With SEO configured, this strong and dynamic .net will easily outperform weaker and contrived .com alternatives. Great potential and perfect for […]

theshed.net the shed .net Concept Names domain name for sale at Sedo


Simplify your online presence with theshed.net. Replace an existing, clunky domain name with this two word, two syllable, no-nonsense version. Great for recall; attract and retain more customers, grow your business and increase revenue.In the hands of a graphic designer, theshed.net will bring vitality to your website, letterheads, signage, branded promotional materials etc. Add your ‘names@theshed.net’ email addresses to […]

microforce.net microforce .net Micro Force Concept Names domain name for sale at Sedo


Two powerful keywords combine to produce this strong, dynamic domain name. MicroForce.net is particularly suited to technology but is not limited to that sector. This domain name has broad appeal and could make an impact across a wide range of other products or services.  Unmistakable to the ear and visually exciting, MicroForce.net will easily lend itself to a […]

myrrh.net myrrh .net Concept Names domain name for sale at Sedo


One of the three precious gifts brought by the Magi; there are references to Myrrh dating even further back, to ancient Egypt. An aromatic resin that is still very much in demand today, for medicinal and religious use, in its raw form and also as an essential oil.This increasingly rare, one word, LLLLL domain is available […]

woningbouw.net woningbouw woning bouw .net Concept Names Dutch domain name for sale at Sedo


This Dutch domain name is ideal for the residential house building sector. Woningbouw.net is aged 14 years approximately and ideally suited to a Netherlands-based architectural, building or construction company website. Correctly configured, a website linked from woningbouw.net should feature prominently in Dutch language search queries resulting in increased market share and revenue potential. Woningbouw.net is […]

kenzai.net kenzai .net Concept Names Japanese domain name for sale at Sedo


Strong, two syllable domain name for a Japanese inspired brand. Most suited to a diet, lifestyle or health and fitness brand with the flexibility to be effective in other sectors too. This domain name would be a great fit for a products and/or services focused business. It is fresh, pronounceable and memorable.Related keywords: alive, wellness, healthy […]

vignobles.net vignobles .net vineyards Concept Names French domain name for sale at Sedo


Vignobles will appeal to the multitude of vineyard owners and wine producers located in France. Correctly configured, this domain name will perform strongly in « vignobles » search queries. An ultra-specific, single keyword .net domain name.  This domain would serve as an astute investment to attract and direct customers to a vignobles/vineyards website, increasing both […]