H-Z-Y.COM HZY Concept Names Sedo domain name for sale


Short and sweet; just five characters required to form this .com domain name. In a crowded market there is increasing interest in shorter names constructed from hyphenated initials. When branded correctly these domain names are visually appealing and easy to remember. They represent an effective, concise alternative to longer, more contrived names. First registered in 2005 […]

kwikn.com KWiKN .com Concept Names domain name for sale at Sedo


In addition to “Knowing What I Know Now”, this premium, 5 letter, pronounceable domain name can also be defined as: to quicken, make more rapid, accelerate or hasten. To give or restore vigour or activity to, stir up, rouse, or stimulate. To revive, restore life to or become more active. Associated keywords: quicken, heart, beat, rate, pace, […]

vipbarber.com VIP Barber .com Concept Names domain name for sale at Sedo


Promote your VIP barber services with this great domain name. The global VIP prefix combined with the “barber” keyword. Perfectly simple; simply perfect. Ideal for salons or talented individuals who may be looking to brand themselves as the “VIP Barber”. A memorable name with great recall and marketing potential. An astute investment to attract and funnel customers […]

MisterBarber.com Mister Barber .com Concept Names domain name for sale at Sedo


This domain is now sold but all is not lost. We have VIPBARBER.COM available for sale at Sedo.

vox365.com VOX 365 .com Concept Names domain name for sale at Sedo


VOX; Latin for voice. VR and AI are emerging technologies but for now and the near-future, voice is huge. It’s not too late to engage with this sector. This short .com domain could be your way in… Get your message out loud and clear with the VOX365.com domain name. This short and brandable .com domain […]

moliano .com designer domain name for sale at Sedo via Concept Names


A beautiful domain name, perfect for a luxury designer clothing or accessories brand. In the hands of an astute fashionista, the full potential of Moliano.com would soon be realised. A distinctive range of Moliano branded products sold exclusively on-line, or partnered with a physical retail presence could be just the beginning. Short, exotic, easy to […]

omancrane.com omancrane Oman Crane .com Concept Names Omani domain name for sale at Sedo


Gain a commercial advantage over other Omani crane hire and rental companies. A short, clear and concise domain name to work seamlessly across all media platforms, including radio. Site managers looking to procure cranes for construction projects will recall OmanCrane.com with ease. A location and product specific name with no confusing hyphens or numbers.OmanCrane.com could represent a […]

tokyogadgets.com Tokyo Gadgets .com Concept Names domain name for sale at Sedo


Tokyo, home of Akihabara, a consumer electronics paradise. Gadget buyers will love the TokyoGadgets.com domain name. Tokyo based exporters or global retailers looking to import the latest Japanese gizmos need look no further; an exciting, inviting domain name that requires no explanation. Do you have factory or wholesale access to the latest must-have Japanese tech? TokyGadgets.com […]

skywalkdubai.com skywalkdubai .com Skywalk Dubai Concept Names domain name for sale at Sedo


Dubai is now synonymous with superlatives and for providing a breathtaking visitor experience; now imagine a Dubai Skywalk! Correctly configured, this domain will dominate results for a ‘Skywalk Dubai’ search. Ultra-specific, memorable and search friendly. SkywalkDubai.com would be an astute investment, engaging and directing customers to a Dubai Skywalk attraction, increasing revenue potential. Visit SkywalkDubai.com for […]

safetyglo.com safetyglo .com Safety Glo Concept Names domain name for sale at Sedo


The market for glow in the dark safety products is crowded. Stand out from your competitors with this memorable, dynamic domain name. Perfect for a specific product yet versatile enough to represent a range of photo-luminescent signage, wearables or vehicle markings. The first known registration of SafetyGlo.com was 2001, giving a current domain name age […]

customrfid.com CustomRFID .com Custom RFID Concept Names domain name for sale at Sedo


Radio-Frequency ID devices are everywhere; their size and flexibility allow them to be embedded into an array of products. Competition is fierce to manufacture and sell these custom RFID devices. A Google search for Custom RFID returns dozens of results with mostly forgettable domain names. Sorry, domain name is now sold. Find out more:

swimtex.com swimtex .com swim tex swimwear textile Concept Names domain name for sale at Sedo


SWiMTEX is a portmanteau word that combines swimwear and textile. Annual worldwide spending on swimwear and beachwear is predicted to reach US$22.7 billion by 2022. Huge potential exists for a SWiMTEX sport-swimming brand. Alternatively, register your latest cutting edge textile as SWiMTEX; use licensing as an ongoing revenue stream from swimwear producers who use your […]

vigli.com Vigli .com Concept Names domain name for sale at Sedo


Vibrant, Versatile, Vigli. Esperanto meaning: to alert, to thrive, to flourish. Greek meaning: watchtower, lookout. Aged 15 years! Short, pronounceable and increasingly rare, five letter domain name. Just two syllables, no hyphens, no numbers and currently brand neutral; a blank canvas .com domain name. There is almost limitless scope for a strong and inviting Vigli brand; all […]

sucralin.com sucralin .com sucralose Concept Names domain name for sale at Sedo


A sweet domain name without the calories. Derived from the word Sucralose, an established sugar substitute, Sucralin.com will fit perfectly into the sugar replacement market. Related keywords include: sugar, Sucralose, sweetener, diabetes, diet, low-calorie, slimming and health. An easy to pronounce .com domain name that will be effective worldwide, opening global markets and increasing revenue. Available […]

spacelemon.com spacelemon .com Space Lemon Concept Names domain name for sale at Sedo


Add your unique products or services to this quirky domain name to create a sticky online presence. Not knowing what lies beyond the click creates intrigue, curiosity and a determination to discover what’s inside. An imaginative, creative approach to how SpaceLemon.com is positioned and marketed will be rewarded with audience recall and return. Currently brand neutral, […]

planetjuicy.com planetjuicy .com Planet Juicy Concept Names domain name for sale at Sedo


Digital marketing and brand ‘imagineers’. Fasten your seat-belts; destination Planet Juicy! Place this vibrant and versatile two keyword .com domain name at the heart of a dynamic business, to help build your customer base and increase revenue.Food and drink, fashion or entertainment are just some of the many sectors that would lend themselves to PlanetJuicy.com branding. A fantastic […]

orbitlondon.com orbitlondon .com Orbit London Concept Names domain name for sale at Sedo


Strikingly simple, two keyword, London domain name. An astute investment to attract and funnel customers to your business and increase revenue potential. First known registration is 2002 making this domain name a minimum of 14 years old.Correctly configured, this domain name will dominate results for an “Orbit London” search query. A strong yet versatile domain name […]

mumbaihair.com mumbaihair .com Mumbai Hair Concept Names Indian domain name for sale at Sedo


The megacity ‘Mumbai’ returns 542 million Google search results! Combine this with ‘hair’ which gets nearly 10+ billion and you have a two keyword domain name that can draw visitors to your site like a magnet. If you have a Mumbai hair salon, product range or clinic, use MumbaiHair.com to promote your styling services, hair-care products or hair-loss […]

monacotaxi.com monacotaxi .com Monaco Taxi Concept Names domain name for sale at Sedo


An ultra-specific two keyword domain name. If you operate a taxi service in Monaco you will not find better. Visitors to Monaco need look no further than MonacoTaxi.com for all their transfer requirements.A simple website linked from this domain name could increase your market share considerably and in turn, increase revenue. Present a professional image […]

maxihire.com maxihire .com Maxi Hire Concept Names domain name for sale at Sedo


Tools, equipment or personnel? If you are in the hire or rental business use this domain name to build your customer base and increase revenue. Domain name recall is incredibly important to establish and grow your online presence. This short, two word .com domain is easy to brand and hard to forget.MaxiHire.com is both easy on the […]

kwiktube.com kwiktube .com Concept Names video domain name for sale at Sedo


Ideal domain name for a video intensive website. Memorable, pronounceable and a perfect fit for a global audience looking to access video on demand. YouTube currently dominates recorded/uploaded video; this vast market has room for innovative variations of this successful format.Serve up searchable, live streaming video. Invite the world to stream to a global audience […]

ivfireland.com ivfireland .com IVF Ireland Concept Names domain name for sale at Sedo


IVFIreland.com could be a Google Page 1 result for IVF search queries in Ireland. It may also prove to be an astute investment for your clinical services, offering pathways to advice and treatment. Increase your market share and revenue potential by redirecting traffic to your existing online presence. Correctly configured, this domain name should dominate […]

iniettore.com iniettore .com injector Concept Names Italian domain name for sale at Sedo


A super-specific, Italian, single word domain name which translates as ‘injector’ in English. Perfect for an Italian fuel injection system manufacturer, servicing specialist or spare parts supplier.Search engine friendly. Related keywords: Fuel, Injection, Diesel, Petrol, Bosch, Auto, Marine, Engine, Common Rail, Gasolio, Benzina.Own iniettore.com today. Exclusive to Sedo with fast, safe and efficient transfer included. Find […]

hk289.com HK 289 HK289 .com Concept Names Hong Kong domain name for sale at Sedo


A super-short and memorable 5 character domain name. The Hong Kong initials are combined with numerals 2, 8, 9 and a valued .com suffix. Some people consider certain numbers to be lucky or have special meanings; one interpretation could be:H HongK Kong2 balance, harmony, pairs8 prosperity, success, wealth9 long-lasting, permanence Find out more:

faradaytech.com faradaytech .com Faraday Tech Concept Names domain name for sale at Sedo


A domain name that combines the genius of Faraday with evolving technologies. A dynamic name that evokes power and electricity with broad appeal across a wide spectrum. Suitable for research, development, manufacturing or educational sectors amongst others.FaradayTech.com would serve as an astute investment to attract and funnel customers to your business and increase revenue potential. Reasonably […]

ebikespares.com ebikespares .com e bike ebike spares Concept Names domain name for sale at Sedo


Electric bicycle sales have increased worldwide and are predicted to grow further. All electrical items require spares at some point in their life-cycle and ebikes are no different. Position eBikeSpares.com as the gateway to your website where potential customers are directed to your inventory and checkout. Correctly configured, this domain name will dominate results for […]

drainrod.com drainrod .com drain rod Concept Names domain name for sale at Sedo


Where there’s muck, there’s brass! A brandable domain name, perfect for a drain cleaning independent or franchise owner. Correctly configured, this two keyword, two syllable domain name will dominate results for a “Drain Rod” search query. Ultra-specific, memorable and search engine friendly. Matching letterhead, uniform and vehicle signage would complete the brand. This domain name would […]

acefx.com acefx .com ace fx Concept Names currency domain name for sale at Sedo


The perfect domain name for a foreign exchange or special effects business. Just five characters in length, ACEfx.com would be a dream to brand.Sorry, domain name is now sold.

trubeat.com tru beat .com Concept Names domain name for sale at Sedo


A concise and powerful, two-syllable domain name. Combine trubeat.com with a striking visual brand identity for limitless potential to attract and engage your audience. Drummers or manufacturers of drums and other percussion instruments are particularly suited to a domain that requires no explanation.Alternative markets: Businesses looking to re-brand and/or introduce new products to market. This domain name […]

Clickfall Digital Engagement Metrics


Footfall; the number of people entering a physical space. Clickfall; the number of people entering a virtual space. By recording and interpreting footfall and clickfall, key metrics can be established. This ‘Big Data’ is invaluable. The ‘Clickfall’ brand will allow you to reach out to clients. With your insight they can identify peak hours, manage stock, […]

cranedealer.com cranedealer .com crane dealer Concept Names domain name for sale at Sedo


The demand for cranes is truly global. New and used cranes are sourced, sold and transported across continents. Become the go-to dealer for cranes required on construction sites worldwide. Correctly configured, this two keyword domain name will dominate results for a “Crane Dealer” search query.Position CraneDealer.com as the gateway to your website where potential customers […]

choclatte.com choclatte .com choc latte Concept Names chocolate domain name for sale at Sedo


It’s time for a milky coffee and chocolate combo. It’s time for choclatte.com! The perfect domain name to invite customers old and new to your products and/or premises. This domain name even sounds delicious and is perfect for the growing artisan food and beverage sector.Great marketing potential and perfect for new or established businesses looking to create […]

beachbrolly.com beachbrolly .com beach brolly Concept Names holiday domain name for sale at Sedo


Super domain name for a travel agency or holiday goods and services business. Beach Brolly has a great summer holiday vibe. Easily branded with great customer recall potential; the key to an effective, memorable domain name. Use as a standalone domain name for a fresh travel business venture or to attract and forward new customers […]

misterxmas.com misterxmas .com Mister Xmas Christmas Concept Names domain name for sale at Sedo


Hey Mister Xmas! It could be jingle all the way with this perfect Christmas-themed domain name. Deck your site with Christmas cards, gifts, lighting, trees, decorations, toys, ornaments, food etc. and welcome customers from around the world.A memorable, two keyword, domain name to conjure up that warm, fuzzy feeling and attract customers year after year. […]

mistercocoa.com mistercocoa .com Mister Cocoa Concept Names domain name for sale at Sedo


Are you a cocoa farmer, retailer or chocolatier? Good to meet you Mister Cocoa! Now it’s time to let the world know who you are, where you are and what you have to offer. Attract and invite global customers with the MisterCocoa.com domain name. Correctly configured, this two keyword domain name will help to increase […]